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The Perilous Sea // Teaser

Three years in the making, Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry have released their teaser for their much anticipated film ‘Perilous Sea.’ Based in the North Atlantic with a solid crew of surfers, Mike and Ryan venture across the Atlantic to the rugged shores of Iceland, Ireland, and Nova Scotia. For more from the Perilous Sea, pick up our summer issue with Mike Bromley’s view of their new film. Perilous Sea strives to be the first surf film shot entirely on the different rugged shores of the North Atlantic. Inspired by the story telling style of classic maritime novels, Perilous...

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Nic Von Rupp // Reef Road

Nic Von Rupp staring in a documentary of his My Road Series swell-chasing around Indo and Tahiti. Although it will take up twenty minutes of your day, we highly recommend you take some time to froth out on some great surfing in a great...

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Freight Train // #TheSearch Ep. 21

A desolate land emptied of everything but dust and sand. For decades many thought it led to nowhere… but things have changed. If you’re willing to risk the perils of the journey, you will find yourself facing a wave that barrels down the line at freight train speeds, folding into the shallow sand bank with more force than imaginable. It is a dream to say the least. But like many things, it’s beauty can be deceiving. This is not a place you will walk away from feeling confident about your skills in the surf. It is a place that is ruled by...

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