The Rip Pro Tofino took place earlier this month for the 11th annual year. The contest continues to grow in popularity year after year and has earned its reputation as Canada’s premier surf competition. The contest that had once attracted surfers predominantly from Vancouver Island is now drawing surfers from not only across Canada but internationally. As the surf scene in Tofino and Canada at large continues to evolve the Rip Curl Pro is a staple event and provides a stage for particularly Canadian surfs to showcase their abilities. The level of riding has increased greatly within recent years, especially as surfers from south of the border continue to participate and push the level of surfing in Canada. This makes for an exciting weekend for surfers and spectators alike.

The competition was held earlier this year in attempts to improve the chances of receiving a decent spring swell. This strategy paid off as Cox Bay provided good surf for day one and two of competition. With good waves provided ideal conditions for athletes to compete. However, on finals, day mother nature didn’t offer up the same quality of waves. This didn’t deteriorate the level of competition as athletes continued to shred the waves of Cox Bay. Finals day proved to be exciting as winners were crowned while other went home empty handed. For Canadian athletes participating the Rip Curl Pro also doubles as the Canadian championship of surfing. With the announcement from the International Olympic Committee that surfing will be in the 2020 Olympics certainly upped the intensity as the possibility of going to the Olympics is now a reality for some athletes. Though it is necessary for the surfer to qualify for the ISA World Surfing Games in order to go to the Olympics, the Rip Curl Pro serves as the proving grounds for hopeful Canadian athletes to make the team.

As surfing in Canada continues to gain greater recognition and popularity as a surf destination. The abilities of Canadian surfers inevitably follows suit and poses an exciting and promising future for surfing in Canada. It is events like the Rip Curl Pro that enable this progression to happen as well as highlight the abilities of all its participants. With that being said we thank you Rip Curl.

Video Recap:

Photo Recap:

Photography by. Robert Fiorella, Marcus Paladino, Keenan Bush, and Kyler Vos.

Results below:

Pro Men’s: Final
1st: Peter Devries (CAN) 16.24

2nd: Pat Curren (USA) 14.40


Pro/Am Women’s: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 15.06

2nd: Sara Taylor (USA) 15.00

3rd: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.70

4th: Leah Oke (CAN) 10.97

35+ Masters: Final
1st: Ben Murphy (CAN) 15.00
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 12.83
3rd: Declan Lee-Smith (AUS) 11.67
4th: Greg Urata (USA) 11.00
5th: Matt Hanson (AUS) 10.83
6th: David Schiaffino (PER) 10.34

U16 Girls: Final
1st: Mathea Olin (CAN) 13.17
2nd: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 12.17
3rd: Serena Porter (CAN) 8.00
4th: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.50

U12 Girls: Final
1st: Sanoa Olin (CAN) 17.00

2nd: Aqua Joy Bruhwiler (CAN) 14.83

3rd: Chloe Plantenius (CAN) 12.67

4th: Shanti Grimshire (CAN) 9.66

5th: Jade Rosene (CAN) 8.83

6th: Charlotte Egles-Mckinnon (CAN) 7.16

Longboard Women’s: Final
1st:  Mathea Olin (CAN) 16.20
2nd: Emily Ballard (CAN) 12.60
3rd: Leah Oke (CAN) 12.33
4th: Lydia Ricard (CAN) 9.66
5th: Dawn Batenchuk (CAN) 6.50
6th: Kate Lightstone (CAN) 6.23

Open Men’s: Final
1st: Matt Myers (USA) 14.27
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 11.97
3rd: Joåo Pedro Belfort (CAN) 9.90
4th: Elliot Moore (CAN) 9.07

U18 Boys: Final
1st: Sean Forester (CAN) 15.40
2nd: Elijah Fox (USA) 13.67
3rd: Jackson Malcolm De Gruchy (CAB) 13.13
4th: Evan Thomas Puma (CAN) 12.33

U16 Boys: Final
1st: Fred Sanford (CAN) 15.60
2nd: Reed Platenius (CAN) 15.50
3rd: Jack Gallen (USA) 14.67
4th: Evan Gallen (USA) 13.16

50+ Legends
1st: Doug Ludwig (CAN) 14.84
2nd: Tom Curren (USA) 14.00
3rd:  Mike Redpath (CAN) 13.00
4th: Harold Sadler (CAN) 9.84
5th: Anthony Redpath (CAN) 9.50
6th: Tim Rykert (-) 7.83

U12 Boys: Final
1st: Fraser Juurlink (CAN) 14.67

2nd: Shea Raphael (CAN) 13.84

3rd: Riley Stoski (CAN) 13.00

4th: Hudson Egles-McKinnon (CAN) 9.83

5th: KillaB Nerpio (CAN) 8.00

6th: Oscar Z Fox (USA) 6.83

7th: Dusty Bruhwiler (CAN) 5.1

Longboard Mens: Final
1st: Robbie Ferguson (AUS) 15.83
2nd: Andy Jones (CAN) 13.60
3rd: Darren Lundquist (CAN) 13.16
4th: Jean-Laurence Vachon Vigneault (CAN) 9.00

Official National Champions (highest placing Canadian surfers)

Ben Murphy (35+ Masters)
Sanoa Olin (Pro/Am Womens)

Mathea Olin (U16 Girls)

Sanoa Olin (U12 Girls)

Mathea Olin (Longboard Womens)

Peter Devries (Pro Mens)

Reed Platenius (Open Mens)

Sean Forester (U18 Boys)

Fred Sanford (U16 Boys)

Doug Ludwig (50+ Legends)

Fraser Juurlink (U12 Boys)

Andy Jones (Longboard Mens)